Walk-in cooler/freezer leasing

Polar King understands that a sound financial strategy is a key component to running a successful business, which is why we offer a leasing option as an alternative to bank financing or cash payment.

It's time for a new walk-in cooler or freezer, but what's the best payment option for you? When making that decision, it's important to understand how a leasing option offers some unique benefits:

Added Credit Availability

Bank credit lines are not affected, so you retain your bank borrowing capacity for other needs.

Conserves working capital

Equipment leasing finances 100% of the equipment cost, leaving precious working capital for other needs.

Improves cash flow

Equipment leasing allows you to pay for the equipment as income is earned from its use.

Tax Deductible

In many cases, equipment lease payments can be treated as a fully tax deductible expense.

Lending Partner

As one of our approved lending partners, Polar King, International utilizes Advantage+. Established in 1992, Advantage+ is a third party lender that specializes in commercial equipment financing. By selecting one of the Advantage+ links below, you will be leaving the Polar King site for their secure lending website.

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